San Andrés Semetabaj

San Andrés Semetabaj is one of the areas that make up the department of Sololá Guatemala, which has seen the least damage due to the recent hurricanes, Agatha and Alex. For this reason the national and local authorities of Guatemala chose this area to relocate two hundred (200) disaster victim families.
Once these families were situated it soon became apparent that a lack of permanent work opportunity in the area had literally been forcing not only family leaders, but also older children to look for new avenues to make a living; illegal immigration to the United States to seek income.
This is a social crisis that spans regions, borders, and is the result of the lack of viable opportunities to earn a family income. Furthermore it has been proven to result in family disintegration and generational poverty; all which have lead to increased violence both in Guatemala and the United States.
To combat this crisis, in cooperation with the Municipal council of San Andrés Semetabaj, EWB is promoting national and international investment to the area with a focus towards tourism, housing development and hospitality services so that permanent work opportunities can be created in the area.

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