What We Believe

We believe that a human being is the main subject and beneficiary of economic development.
We believe that justice is the fundamental and the irreplaceable basis for economical and social development.
We believe that the fight against poverty is a social obligation of all individuals and private and public entities and should be eradicated.
We believe in the democratic practice and in the social participation in decision making.
We believe that the laws and rules that govern the economic activities should be the direct result of the people and government.
We believe that the integration and the economic participation of the individual as a worker, a professional or an entrepreneur constitute a human right beyond the concept of the human right to work, for that reason the activities of development of the individual should be guaranteed by the government.
We believe in the freedom of business and the liberty in consumption.
We believe in a global economy with social responsibility.
We believe that corruption; impunity and the lack of transparency in social matters should be denounced, fought and punished.