Who We Are

Entrepreneurs Without Boundaries is a United Nations recognized, non-profit 501(c)3 organization, formed by people who, like you, want a better world not only for ourselves but for generations to come. We believe that in order to have this better world many things need to change, and change is why we exist. 

Our principal goal is to set the basis for change across a number of areas:

  1. Fostering the creation of political actions that help set the foundation of a new healthy business culture contributing to democracy, modernization and integration of the economic activity.
  2. Promote, support and defend economic rights of professionals and business people . While being a denouncing entity against human right violations, corruption and impunity.
  3. Encourage actions that create awareness to the local business people of the need to be socially, economically and politically responsible in benefit of integral human development.
  4. Promote resolution of conflict  between the state and business people  through legal judicial processes, and international courts between the state and business people.
  5. Contribute to free the economy from practices that exclude and/or go against healthy business development and equal opportunity to integrate to the economic activity.

Our objective is to achieve an economic integration and active participation of business people, professionals, workers and farmers in the state’s social and financial policies as well as the international community; in a safe, healthy and democratic environment.