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We take people’s health and welfare very seriously. The fabric of our work is to benefit humanity. After much consideration, we have ceased operations due to the global pandemic. We look forward to resuming normal operations at such time as it is safe for our teams, and everyone else.

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Our Focus

Guatemala is a country that may be representative of many other Latin American country characteristics. There is minimum distribution of wealth favored towards a minority elite native and foreign residents. The bulk of the population of this country is comprised of native Mayan descendants living abject poverty, a small grouping of African descended blacks living in poverty, followed by a declining middle class of Metizos.

This country presents some modern developed traits such as financial and banking infrastructures, export businesses, construction businesses, and Guatemala has one of the three largest civil aviation inventories in Latin America after Brazil.

Parallel to these impressive statistics however, Guatemala has the largest illiteracy rate in Latin America, significant infant malnutrition and mortality, and a horrendous administration of justice compounded by a lack of post-war racial integration.

Guatemala was chosen as our focus because it represents the challenges that many Latin American countries face. Guatemala finds many of them combined and compounded due to the many cultures that exist here.

This diversity plays an important role in “land” ownership, distribution, and its form of production due to different understandings and interpretation of private property, communal, and familial property rights.